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Definition of sun:

  1. The great luminary of day which gives light and heat, distant from the earth about 92, 000, 000 miles; anything eminently splendid and luminous.
  2. To expose to the sun's rays.


sunrise, celestial object, acclaim, distinction, dawning, daylight, lamplight, fair weather, cockcrow, insolate, sunniness, overexpose, credit, props, bay, cluster, cheer, constellation, candlelight, bask, great luminary, Mon., morning, antimatter, source of light, homage, sunburn, SPF, sunbathe, day, Friday, date, sunshine, Monday, glow, burn, morn, Saturday, laud, lay out, dark matter, solarise, gaslight, sunlight, giver of light, daybreak, M., temperateness, aurora, sun cream, black hole, asteroid, cosmic dust, r├ęclame, day-star, sunup, lamp of the day, Fri., comet, solarize, accolade, Apollo, kudos, ray, lord's day, solar disk, Sunday, solar orb, Sol, applause, sunburned, the light, luminary, incident ray, sphere, honor, Sat., the Big Dipper, light of the day, laurels, eye of heaven, cheerfulness.

Usage examples: