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Definition of suppose:

  1. To lay down, assume, or admit without proof; to imagine; to receive as true without examination; to regard.


Midland, articulate, give me strength, darn, calculate on, intend, cerebrate, esteem, tell, enjoin, be a great/firm believer in something, regard, sound out, pronounce, think over, think, cogitate, for crying out loud, envisage, allege, hypothecate, conjecture, cypher, what's the big idea?, call back, deem, place, cerebrate, plan on, forecast, mull, muse, say, hell, recall, ponder, take something for granted, see, speak out, work out, for pity's sake, daresay, bargain on, feel, speculate, conceive of, look, speak up, postulate, for heaven's sake/sakes, make, what's that supposed to mean?, suspicion, have visions of (doing) something, anticipate, mull over, think, enounce, cipher, recollect, count on, call, excogitate, hypothesise, depend, bet, aver, sound off, recognize, presuppose, opine, ruminate, enunciate, read into, give me a break, animadvert, theorize, reckon, give (full) rein to something/give something (full) rein, think up, picture, view, surmise, guess, guess, read, hypothesize, retrieve, meditate, call up, conjecture, pretend, mean, visualization, hazard, believe in, suspect, imagine, put, allow, theorise, remember, job, brother, venture, order, chew over, imagine, reckon on, premise, expect, state.

Usage examples: