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Definition of sure:

  1. Certain; not liable to failure, loss, or change; firm; stable; free from doubt or danger.
  2. Certainly; without doubt.


positive, for certain, inevitable, it's nothing/think nothing of it, durable, e'er, can't-miss, any, probably, accredited, certainly, I don't mind if I do, original, certain, feasible, unfailing, satisfied, calculable, absolute, likely, sturdy, decisive, accepted, undisputable, trustable, probable, genuine, steady, surefire, dependable, let's face it, satisfied, unanswerable, real, Steady, ineluctable, authentic, clear, confident, responsible, solid, firm, trustworthy, foreordained, realistic, surely, awful, trusty, possibly, infallible, it's no bother, definite, I must confess, expected, authorized, my bad, actively, unchallengeable, uh huh, unavoidable, that's right, actual, awfully, secure, bound, predestinate, sealed, yes, unqualified, (it's) my pleasure, factual, even, trusted, doomed, unquestioning, indisputable, authoritative, fail-safe, solid as a rock, irresistible, bloody, safe, all right, naturally, don't mention it, sanguine, bright, certain, entirely, necessary, reliable, unarguable, predestined, sure thing, positive, firm, to be sure, robust, careful, tried-and-true, unfalteringly, heavy-duty, you're welcome, guaranteed, stubborn, not at all, tough, for sure, in for, e'en, promising, inescapable, sure-fire, implicit, bound, strong, confident, unerring, current, indubitable, rosy, no problem, inarguable, it's/that's all right, destined, cocksure, unescapable, true, up-and-coming, you're on, sure enough, budding, convinced, ineludible, secure, received, fated, legitimate, indisputable, actually, accomplished, objective, sure as shooting, definitely, convinced, good, admittedly, healthy, solid, tried.

Usage examples: