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Definition of surface:

  1. A small plane or surface, usually capable of adjustment but not of manipulation, for preserving lateral balance in an aeroplane or flying machine.


scratch, appearance, foible, earth's surface, rebel, approach, rise up, doubtful, grade-constructed, come along, issue, cobble, go on, chippings, the box, step forward, brim, persona, come forth, out, blanket, skin, erupt, get out, fold up, superficial, spread, ascend, blacktop, line up, spring up, wax, cake, coat, vehicular, asphalt, membrane, elevate, out-of-doors, roadworthy, summon, get on, strip, move up, grade, cast, step up, aspect, come, flex-fuel, cobblestones, loom, protrude, turn out, uprise, apparently, allegedly, take shape, heighten, hoist, flaw, grow, bevel, double yellow line, come out of the closet, bowl, styling, scrape up, come near, emergence, gradient, place, flagstone, ground level, express, come to the fore, advance, propensity, break, superficies, muster, rear, unsubstantiated, draw close, muster up, rear its (ugly) head, locate, crease, get along, heavy, percolate, look, find, baseline, get up, soar, corner, raise, predisposition, develop, affectation, plate, incarnation, automotive, amphibious, edge, clay, rise, resurrect, externals, bug out, covering, break through, step to the fore, rally, climb up, shape up, heave, leak out, start, bulge, climb, bulge out, push through, go forth, facade, scrape, the bench, egress, opencut, alley, reappear, resurface, skin-deep, endowment, show up, progress, gravel, prove, bottom, flash, cover, go up, paint, come in, armored, unfounded, excavate, bleachers, open, alleged, pick up, seemingly, stand up, bob up, back, seaworthy, fall out, effect, draw near, get around, alter ego, under/in the guise of, come up, court, turn up, pop out, clear, come forward, fault, come on, control surface, mount, pop, aerofoil, dig up, confines, fold, anecdotal, originate, jump, opencast, base, come out, AstroTurf, outdoors, aboveground, airfoil, speculative, bump, shallow, circulate, get hold, apex, motor, near, bitumen, kick up, lift, supposed, layer, open air.

Usage examples: