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Definition of suspicious:

  1. Apt to imagine with little or no reason; mistrustful; liable or open to suspicion; questionable.


show-me, disputable, grave, distrustful, leery, dodgy, comic, problematic, questioning, mistrustful, jealous, queer, amusing, disturbing, debatable, uncommon, envious, rum, doubting, doubt, irregular, mistrust, wary, unconvinced, anxious, curious, trusting, questionable, worrying, serious, distressing, funny, unusual, laughable, different, undecided, fly-by-night, peculiar, common, distrust, take something with a grain/pinch of salt, suspicion, doubtable, uncertain, hinky, overt, dubitable, untrusting, odd, tense, stressful, singular, unsure, trustful, regular, fishy, alarming, louche, usual, equivocal, negativistic, severe, suspect, mirthful, shaky, suspecting, unsettled, comical, umbrageous, disbelieve, shady, rummy, trustless, risible, shadowy, shadowed.

Usage examples: