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Definition of swindle:

  1. To cheat grossly under the pretence of fair dealing; to defraud with deliberate artifice.


imposition, toy, carriage, knavery, shrink from, memorize, hook, shell game, turnout, cheat, memorise, deceit, fishing gear, equipage, bunco, tackle, gyp, shirk, imposture, rip off, rig, con, darnel, purloin, articulated lorry, cheating, victimise, scam, double-cross, duplicity, gip, trick, deceiver, mulct, slicker, rook, learn, fishing rig, cabbage, entrap, beguiler, trucking rig, treachery, string along, treason, short, swindling, fiddle, goldbrick, nobble, hustle, tractor trailer, pinch, trickster, kidnap, dishonesty, getup, victimize, bearded darnel, sneak, fishing tackle, short-change, artifice, snatch, cheater, chess, abduct, play, defraud, flimflam, diddle, outfit, rigging, tare, sting, semi, snarf, trailer truck, hornswoggle.

Usage examples: