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Definition of switch:

  1. A device for shifting an electric current to another circuit, or for making and breaking a circuit.


leaf, hurl, refilling, batter, smash, crack, stinger, thread, beat, wallop, flogger, rap, transformation, contrive, fault, poke, chastise, modify, hold, whisk, replacing, trade in, claw, bang, renew, stir, swish, assemble, riffle, give, throw away, fillip, set up, thud, transfer, successor, frisk, tag on, tack together, knock, slam, lever, haymaker, wham, sell, drop, master switch, reposition, turn into, slug, twitch, knob, befuddle, sock, tack on, larrup, filament, clout, douse, exchange, jump, strike, lurch, electrical switch, thrust, switch over, chop, belabor, whop, bat, stick, sky, understudy, two-handed, toss, pound, swipe, shift key, conquer, alternate, swap, rearrange, shifting, put together, swat, cast off, replenishment, surpass, replacement, trade, beach, bite, worst, string, deal, lick, reversal, bust, bop, bedevil, break, project, pause, make into, make, belt, castigate, switching, pick, flick, gore, smite, riff, relieve, pelt, hook, scourge, clap, shake off, flip, cudgel, counterchange, cast, defeat, length, waggle, transpose, burrow, flip out, welt, deepen, teddy, flip over, flip-flop, thwack, transposition, work shift, overcome, turn, merchandise, fuddle, smack, buck, baste, vary, strip, slap, pommel, bemuse, shimmy, give way, hack, slip, bash, reverse, flog, tack, tilt, alter, hang on, biff, pole, stroke, thumb, bristle, panel, thump, box, transmutation, convert, pitch, confuse, renewal, interchange, have, heterotaxy, cuff, geological fault, piece, thrash, faulting, buffet, plump, punch, agitate, spring, stripe, permutation, shift, wobble, surrogate, spank, make way (for), dab, commutation, fast forward, console, line, dial, control, shed, clip, revise, discombobulate, ambidextrous, take turns, release, duty period, throw off, sack, change over, confound, append, hit, substitution, budge, dislodge, fox, bastinado, succeed, careen, swop, bewilder, electric switch, wear round, transform, bruise, chemise, whack, fracture, turn over, vanquish, throw.

Usage examples: