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Definition of tab:

  1. A border of lace or other material, worn on the inner front edge of ladies' bonnets.
  2. A loop for pulling or lifting something.
  3. A loose pendent part of a lady's garment; esp., one of a series of pendent squares forming an edge or border.
  4. A tag. See Tag, 2.
  5. The flap or latchet of a shoe fastened with a string or a buckle.


handicap, hindrance, oral contraceptive pill, arrest, sheet, check-out procedure, contraceptive pill, strip, pad, stop, anovulant, holder, reckoning, loop, check, pay, bridle, tag, balk, check mark, baulk, slip, birth control pill, marker, hinderance, halt, checkout, rag, oral contraceptive, yellow journalism, bill, pill, cheque, tablet, verification, clip, anovulatory drug, confirmation, flap, label, tick, assay, impediment, pad of paper, deterrent, chit, tabloid, stoppage, invoice, statement, curb, chip, stay, lozenge, substantiation, bank check, hitch, tab key.

Usage examples: