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Definition of take up:

  1. That which takes up or tightens; specifically, a device in a sewing machine for drawing up the slack thread as the needle rises, in completing a stitch.


film, bring, kowtow, drag, bear, come across, convey, take away, fall upon, demand, play up, invite, line, thread, drink in, lead off, study, blow, initiate, draw off, eviscerate, deal, describe, plunge, raise, fill, collide with, use, suckle, exact, disembowel, latch on, bring in, ask, fawn, choose, sorb, gull, contract, get down, see, postulate, summarise, take, summarize, use up, receive, earn, get into, submit, usurp, contain, look at, subscribe to, immerse, affect, select, realise, set forth, move, engage, lessen, dramatize, originate, embark on, bulge out, cod, hook on, bulge, shine up, appropriate, chance on, engross, get it, repeat, reduce, scoop out, tumble, depart, drive, gain, follow, expunge, tie, exhaust, view, startle, overhear, occupy, run into, get going, need, set out, come out, protrude, get, lactate, pull out, catch on, pop, breastfeed, put on, depict, fool, necessitate, wear, assume, sweep up, watch, embrace, come to, espouse, scratch, take aim, start out, put one across, arrogate, withdraw, sham, buy out, make, pass, draw and quarter, scoop up, befool, slang, shine, toady, excise, take out, re-start, suck in, light upon, impinge on, direct, dupe, go down on, admit, steep, get hold of, start, coin, twig, elevate, set off, drink up, accept, catch, give suck, require, attract, sum up, decrease, attain, carry, don, happen upon, remove, string, begin, borrow, hold, pack, pull, force, imbibe, resume, call for, swallow, jump, clear, cotton up, consider, shoot, commence, involve, bug out, puff, strickle, learn, absorb, draw in, outflank, suck up, have, best, kotow, sidle up, cozy up, pick out, lease, rent, get wise, walk out, gather in, get out, come upon, claim, tighten, pull back, realize, train, seize on, part, take in, collect, scoop, put one over, nurse, trace, hoist, delineate, mint, lift out, acquire, lift, go, consume, read, start up, take off, simulate, subscribe, take on, lead, draw, presume, cotton on, engulf, charter, trump, reap, adopt, set about, take over, discover, run, chance upon, seize, drink, relieve, suck, bootlick, get onto, aim, cast, fall, pull in, quarter, soak up, sop up, outdo, assimilate, take for granted, guide, dramatise, ingest, hit, conduct, restart, strike, swallow up, hire, pop out, fellate, truckle, feign, impress, wet-nurse, fasten on, buy up.