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Definition of talker:

  1. A loquacious person, male or female; a prattler; a babbler; also, a boaster; a braggart; - used in contempt or reproach.
  2. One who talks; especially, one who is noted for his power of conversing readily or agreeably; a conversationist.


after-dinner speaker, raconteur, conversationist, conversationalist, performer, loudspeaker system, empty barrel, discourser, debater, lecturer, speaker, reader, story-teller, actor, conversationalist, announcer, stump speaker, words, utterer, spokesman, preacher, verbalizer, confabulator, vocalizer, vocaliser, rhetorician, orator, speaker unit, verbaliser, barker, loudspeaker, speechmaker, gossip, mouthpiece, lawyer, windbag, speaker system.

Usage examples: