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Definition of tantalise:

  1. To tease or torment by presenting some object of pleasure or desire just within reach to be again placed beyond it; to excite expectations or fears which will not be realised; to tease.


dupe, have words, mobilise, call up, rile, rebuke, depend upon, dress down, come up, frustrate, call on the carpet, rebound, berate, torment, befool, muster up, twit, gravel, fool, card, drum up, hinge upon, taunt, fluff, slang, nettle, trounce, devolve on, vex, bawl out, irritate, muster, ride, depend on, pester, lambast, put one across, rag, cod, lecture, take to task, bug, put one over, crucify, jaw, gull, beat up, summon, beleaguer, razz, put on, reproof, nark, rally, chide, chafe, chew out, bedevil, mobilize, hinge on, get to, turn on, mount, call down, tease apart, lambaste, sit, annoy, tantalize, scold, tease, badger, bother, drive, chew up, reprimand, devil, remonstrate, take in, bait, loosen, dun, get at.