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Definition of tear:

  1. A drop of the limpid, saline fluid secreted, normally in small amount, by the lachrymal gland, and diffused between the eye and the eyelids to moisten the parts and facilitate their motion. Ordinarily the secretion passes through the lachrymal duct into the nose, but when it is increased by emotion or other causes, it overflows the lids.
  2. A partially vitrified bit of clay in glass.
  3. Hence, to divide by violent measures; to disrupt; to rend; as, a party or government torn by factions.
  4. Something in the form of a transparent drop of fluid matter; also, a solid, transparent, tear- shaped drop, as of some balsams or resins.
  5. That which causes or accompanies tears; a lament; a dirge.
  6. The act of tearing, or the state of being torn; a rent; a fissure.
  7. To divide or separate on being pulled; to be rent; as, this cloth tears easily.
  8. To move and act with turbulent violence; to rush with violence; hence, to rage; to rave.
  9. To move violently; to agitate.
  10. To pull with violence; as, to tear the hair.
  11. To rend away; to force away; to remove by force; to sunder; as, a child torn from its home.
  12. To separate by violence; to pull apart by force; to rend; to lacerate; as, to tear cloth; to tear a garment; to tear the skin or flesh.


jerk, institutionalise, pull off, help, pick off, break, land, snap, burden, pluck, frivol away, load, turn on, vote down, whisk, flash, vote out, burst, deplumate, gazump, whirl, orgy, defeat, put in, take out, fool away, assemble, fool, take, plume, countercurrent, soak, pull out, break down, bucket, saddle, splurge, click, bolt, riptide, rupture, displume, dissipate, bout, tear up, deplume, mangle, economic rent, wing, tweak, rakehell, hustle, spud, snag, lose it, crack, pullulate, barrel, round, split up, kill, bust, force, pull in, hitch, flick, pull, pull apart, hasten, draw, film, bustle, fleece, rub, highball, fizzle, overcharge, pelt, inject, speed, hit, scud, rouse, lacerate, reave, cull, nip, tide rip, excite, down, festinate, root for, roll, turn, extract, drop, germinate, moisture, sprout, buck, flit, snarl, hang-up, crosscurrent, profligate, haste, send, zip, shoot, raid, rocket, blame, sunder, fly, blood, sail, snatch up, pick, pull up, rive, fleet, accuse, draw in, attract, institutionalize, bill, wear, overstretch, pip, female chest, schism, fritter away, consign, appoint, split, flop, perpetrate, shoot-down, agitate, bourgeon, zoom, rent, photograph, go against, get out, surcharge, point, binge, discharge, commit, level, commove, eyewash, droplet, draw out, teardrop, lodge, file, rob, bear down, fall apart, rip, scour, shred, hotfoot, move, blast, stock split, wear out, plunk, fritter, burgeon forth, charge, roue, whiz, charge up, rake, hook, snatch.

Usage examples: