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Definition of thinking:

  1. Having the faculty of thought; cogitative; capable of a regular train of ideas; as, man is a thinking being.
  2. of Think
  3. The act of thinking; mode of thinking; imagination; cogitation; judgment.


clear, compos mentis, with-it, persuasion, excogitative, introspective, speculative, self-assessment, approach, in a brown study, mentation, thoughts, forethought, feeling, introspection, focus, engrossed, stance, thought process, intent on, absorbed, reputation, contemplative, impression, clearly, alert, meditative, deliberative, wide awake, school of thought, viewpoint, contemplative, pensive, perspective, ruminative, speculative, opinion, ruminating, thoughtful, attitude, reflective, sentiment, sane, cogitative, thoughtful, soul-searching, pragmatism, meditative, assessment, stand, studious, reflective, framework, well-adjusted, mindset, view, lucid, pensive.

Usage examples: