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Definition of throw away:

Synonyms for throw away:

incline, reject, shake off, flatten, scrap, have, fling, put, abuse, deteriorate, put aside, chuck out, exclude, cast away, purge, tramp, lock in, knock off, imprison, molt, pitch, draw, eliminate, mould, put away, put to sleep, dissipate, puke, lock, expend, range, swing, exorcise, make, thrash, regurgitate, send away, discombobulate, bedevil, retch, fell, bemuse, lavish, hold, expel, turn out, waste, frame, redact, leave out, overlook, gaol, trifle, upchuck, couch, cut down, vomit up, dispose of, cast aside, immure, drip, jail, devolve, fritter away, shun, cat, dangle, fox, lag, splurge, vagabond, thresh, hurl, send packing, incarcerate, vomit, barf, sick, regorge, throw, moult, bewilder, oust, drop, shut up, lock up, tuck in, spue, qualify, lose, drum out, dismiss, switch, do away with, drop down, toss away, eject, convulse, drift, shake, escape from, drop off, be sick, stray, degenerate, set down, contrive, wander, shed, fritter, run through, shut away, put behind bars, slough also sluff, slash, slough, boot out, disgorge, spew, eighty-six, lay by, overwork, dispose, throw up, throw off, tuck away, remove, lock away, shuck, eradicate, sink, cashier, confound, misspend, fuddle, toss out, throw out, thrash about, mold, exuviate, blackball, ostracise, cast off, neglect, thresh about, replace, toss, flip, hurtle, spill, cast out, jug, miss, roam, pretermit, dump, befuddle, dribble, sky, ostracize, swan, junk, give, overleap, omit, kick out, strike down, chuck away, confuse, ditch, fiddle away, rove, banish, honk, jactitate, ban, cast, turf out, roll, chuck, wear out, put down, blow, remand, advance, discharge, discard, project, jettison, misuse, unload, thrust, pour forth, ramble, deep-six, spend, squander.

  • reject (part of speech: verb)