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Definition of throw off:

  1. A start in a hunt or a race.


fox, stray, toss out, honk, overlook, molt, gain strength, cut down, give, switch, drop down, discard, throw away, agitate, shed, ramble, cat, be sick, judder, throw out, leave out, cast aside, hurl, fuddle, thrust, sick, range, dangle, frame, retch, upchuck, disgorge, mold, bewilder, roll, confuse, pretermit, roam, put down, wander, rock, stir, shake up, degenerate, stimulate, strike down, confound, deteriorate, send away, drop, improve, sink, hold, cast away, bemuse, fling, mould, tramp, throw, spend, didder, discombobulate, draw, redact, chuck, send packing, befuddle, miss, set down, vagabond, put, toss away, shake, flip, hurtle, pour forth, couch, knock off, spew, swan, expend, dispose, vomit, vomit up, excite, drift, have, neglect, swing, chuck out, rove, toss, cast, barf, sway, regorge, dismiss, escape from, recover, discharge, regurgitate, spill, fell, overleap, contrive, bedevil, throw up, cast out, project, flatten, exuviate, cast off, slough, put away, spue, puke, drop off, make, drip, shake off, dribble, purge, devolve, get well, moult, unload, omit.