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Definition of thrust:

  1. A violent push or driving, as with a pointed weapon moved in the direction of its length, or with the hand or foot, or with any instrument; a stab; - a word much used as a term of fencing.
  2. An attack; an assault.
  3. of Thrust
  4. The breaking down of the roof of a gallery under its superincumbent weight.
  5. The force or pressure of one part of a construction against other parts; especially ( Arch.), a horizontal or diagonal outward pressure, as of an arch against its abutments, or of rafters against the wall which support them.
  6. Thrist.
  7. To enter by pushing; to squeeze in.
  8. To make a push; to attack with a pointed weapon; as, a fencer thrusts at his antagonist.
  9. To push forward; to come with force; to press on; to intrude.
  10. To push or drive with force; to drive, force, or impel; to shove; as, to thrust anything with the hand or foot, or with an instrument.
  11. To stab; to pierce; - usually with through.


gorge, switch, hale, farce, knife thrust, discombobulate, clip, lam, twitch, gormandise, flip, have, driving, scarf out, glut, jab, bemuse, effort, paper bag, gormandize, pang, lick, stuff, gourmandize, scoke, pig out, parkway, shove, confound, choke up, bewilder, draw, bosom, stick, crusade, englut, ride, contract, onset, bedevil, cause, wring, push up, embrace, overgorge, blow, drone, biff, drop, hug, engorge, fuddle, gouge, pierce, satiate, pull, trailer, carrier bag, pressure, urge on, advance, squelch, movement, cast off, stab, hold, resist, nick, thrusting, befuddle, compact, rack, make, lagger, overeat, driving force, campaign, hurl, compress, run, squash, hurtle, convex, sack, extort, constrict, button, poking, driveway, wedge, coerce, impetus, smack, poke, give, slug, laggard, dawdler, mash, twinge, lunge, overindulge, whack, put in, contrive, confuse, sink, tweet, pinch, crush, shed, get-up-and-go, shake off, wham, repel, plunge, garget, push button, repulse, press, throw off, force, wallop, fox, push, clout, private road, pigeon berry, ingurgitate, block, cut, binge, squeeze, throw away, jabbing, drive, dig, lug, energy.

Usage examples: