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Definition of tie:

  1. A beam or rod for holding two parts together; in railways, one of the transverse timbers which support the track and keep it in place.
  2. A knot of hair, as at the back of a wig.
  3. A knot; a fastening.
  4. A line, usually straight, drawn across the stems of notes, or a curved line written over or under the notes, signifying that they are to be slurred, or closely united in the performance, or that two notes of the same pitch are to be sounded as one; a bind; a ligature.
  5. An equality in numbers, as of votes, scores, etc., which prevents either party from being victorious; equality in any contest, as a race.
  6. Low shoes fastened with lacings.
  7. To fasten with a band or cord and knot; to bind.
  8. To form, as a knot, by interlacing or complicating a cord; also, to interlace, or form a knot in; as, to tie a cord to a tree; to knit; to knot.
  9. To hold or constrain by authority or moral influence, as by knotted cords; to oblige; to constrain; to restrain; to confine.
  10. To make a tie; to make an equal score.
  11. To make an equal score with, in a contest; to be even with.
  12. To unite firmly; to fasten; to hold.
  13. To unite, as notes, by a cross line, or by a curved line, or slur, drawn over or under them.


draw poker, shackle, pass, pull back, cast, timber, haulage, help, drawing card, stand, draw play, attract, depict, linkup, equal, bring together, tie down, impound, bond, liaison, association, pull out, tie up, sop up, engage, tackle, manacle, dead heat, draw in, attractor, stick, reap, make, touch base, bandage, link, connectedness, bow, take out, contact, attach, keep, join, tie-in, pull in, associate, quarter, hook up with, inter-group communication, connexion, absorb, hooking, oblige, disembowel, secure, hamper, standstill, leash, level, seize, sequester, relate, eviscerate, same, describe, adhere, pull, constipate, hold, wed, run, drag, get in touch, affiliation, free, colligate, get out, connect, fix, tighten, lot, hold fast, force, yoke, take in, restrain, necktie, trammel, data link, tie beam, rope, suck, withdraw, crosstie, nexus, attraction, attracter, line, plug in, connection, handcuff, hog-tie, draw, take up, sleeper, puff, imbibe, soak up, get married, confiscate, compel, wagon-lit, railroad tie, trace, plug into, guide, stalemate, get, scarf, draw together, repulsion, bind, match, restrict, obligate, splice, deadlock, radio link, suck up, draw off, slumberer, get hitched with, hobble, haul, sleeping car, delineate, fetter, link up, draw and quarter, hamstring, conjoin, sleeper goby, rag, meet, standoff, marry, unite, espouse, stick to.

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