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Definition of tired:

  1. of Tire
  2. Weary; fatigued; exhausted.


blear, hackneyed, careworn, disgusted, travel-worn, stereotypic, bushed, trite, aweary, knackered, warmed-over, beat, all in, bromidic, played out, bleary-eyed, stereotypical, burned-out, raddled, commonplace, overused, excite, haggard, usual, flagging, corny, weary, drawn, unoriginal, sick, drained, ragged, fed up, washed-out, platitudinal, platitudinous, stereotyped, dog-tired, jaded, dead, footsore, bored, stale, fatigued, whacked, worn, overworked, burnt-out, banal, timeworn, world-weary, bleary, worn-out, spent, exhausted, blear-eyed, shopworn, unrested, well-worn, fagged, old-hat, musty, drooping, stock, threadbare, wearied, unrefreshed.

Usage examples:

  • I am so, so tired.

    - "First Fam'lies of the Sierras", Joaquin Miller.
  • I'm tired and shall to bed."

    - "Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France", Stanley J. Weyman.
  • I'm sure tired of shippin' the dogs every few days.

    - "Blister Jones", John Taintor Foote.