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Definition of total:

  1. The whole; the whole sum or amount; as, these sums added make the grand total of five millions.
  2. To bring to a total; to add; also, to reach as a total; to amount to.
  3. Whole; not divided; entire; full; complete; absolute; as, a total departure from the evidence; a total loss.


ingrained, replete, correspond, contribute, essence, pith, summarise, kernel, tot up, sum of money, get along, add together, lend, gibe, descend, follow, fit, tally, nitty-gritty, entire, consist of, extreme, numerate, amount to, rack up, gross, core, match, hail, get, add, tot, keep down, bring, append, arrive, union, occur, thoroughgoing, sum total, work, come, fare, conglomeration, constitutional, come to, hit, broad, summate, radical, complete, marrow, center, part, original, summation, overall, nub, centre, congeries, natural, come up, supply, integrality, fall, issue forth, equal, innate, substance, add up, tote up, wide, join, meat, amount, unconditioned, full, essential, wide-cut, totality, fundamental, jibe, count up, agree, perfect, add up to, sum, native, derive, inclusive, heart and soul, inwardness, unconditional, positive, resume, absolute, organic, sum up, bestow, tale, whole, utter, amount of money, aggregate, make sense, do, make out, heart, chalk up, gist, good, cumulative, impart, primitive, come in, number.

Usage examples: