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Definition of tranquil:

  1. Quiet; calm; undisturbed; peaceful; not agitated; as, the atmosphere is tranquil; the condition of the country is tranquil.


soundless, hushed, angry, paradisiacal, perturbed, noneffervescent, still, unflustered, good-tempered, bland, equable, peaceful, unperturbed, balmy, unagitated, silent, agitated, agreeable, serene, fluid, muted, lenient, fair, sober, politic, calm, stilly, unflurried, placid, restful, unruffled, smooth, measured, pleasing, self-possessed, reasonable, quiet, legato, whispering, comforting, patient, amicable, fluent, even, tame, suave, sedative, liquid, low.

Usage examples: