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Definition of trouble:

  1. A fault or interruption in a stratum.
  2. That which gives disturbance, annoyance, or vexation; that which afflicts.
  3. The state of being troubled; disturbance; agitation; uneasiness; vexation; calamity.
  4. To disturb; to perplex; to afflict; to distress; to grieve; to fret; to annoy; to vex.
  5. To give occasion for labor to; - used in polite phraseology; as, I will not trouble you to deliver the letter.
  6. To put into confused motion; to disturb; to agitate.
  7. Troubled; dark; gloomy.


rag, apprehension, anguish, discomfort, spot, anesthetise, tump over, pickle, handful, inconvenience oneself, interrupt, bowl over, hurt, striving, intrusion, disarray, exigency, difficultness, hot water, struggle, foreboding, box, effort, gossip, plight, easy, pain in the neck, shake up, intruder, dread, care, corner, release, quagmire, anxiety, overturn, spat, dither, brat, commove, flurry, hole, headache, difficulty, cark, troublemaker, scrape, bind, fretfulness, feud, swage, issue, hold out, gravel, distract, fuss, endeavor, solicitude, riot, elbow grease, while, problem, work, touch, concern, predicament, afflict, botheration, stretch out, get at, douse, dispute, bore, dilemma, hot spot, get to, soup, put under, nettle, disease, meddler, smart aleck, discomfit, raise up, stir up, perturb, exertion, crisis, turn over, task, strife, ailment, throw out of kilter, bother, pettifoggery, exigence, exsert, fretting, bring out, help, nuisance, inconvenience, squabble, fight, turmoil, pain in the ass, bickering, pother, hassle, disconcert, flap, scuffle, pest, jam, rough-and-tumble, aid, puzzle, disoblige, knock over, smother, bicker, incommodiousness, tip over, delay, rile, fear, tussle, disquiet, disorder, strain, unhinge, injury, hindrance, worry, malady, anaesthetise, retire, tizzy, ail, devil, fix, nark, hustle, untune, anesthetize, hang-up, incommodity, discommode, perplexity, anaesthetize, trouble oneself, case, bustle, extend, dogfight, misgiving, stretch forth, argument, put out, Dutch, deflect, job, quarrel, comfort, publish, tiff, ado, pain, incommode, deep water.

Usage examples:

  • " You don't know what trouble is.

    - "The Master of the Ceremonies", George Manville Fenn.
  • Then she told him her trouble.

    - "The Faery Tales of Weir", Anna McClure Sholl.
  • Well, what's the trouble now?

    - "Torchy, Private Sec.", Sewell Ford.