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Definition of troubled:

  1. of Trouble


nervy, infested, storm-tossed, roiling, scared, antsy, ill at ease, puzzled, tired, plagued, overrun, tempest-swept, tense, roily, fraught, displeased, bored, stressed, libertine, tempest-tost, alarmed, wounded, psychopathic, in deep trouble, churning, concerned, upset, distressed, care-laden, overwrought, hard put, nervous, struggling, doubtful, calm, out of your depth, hung up, piqued, afflicted, hag-ridden, clouded, beleaguered, perplexed, frightened, riotous, psychotic, pained, in trouble, fearful, hagridden, annoyed, disruptive, on edge, ragged, het up, deadlocked, heavy-laden, worried, disturbed, pestered, degraded, disquieted, unsettled, tormented, dithery, tried, provoked, goosey, harassed, oppressed, tempest-tossed, lush, shaky, turbulent, aflutter, fast, burned up, edgy, degenerate, careful, exuberant, haunted, queasy, irascible, careworn, profligate, put out, troublous, insane, unquiet, apprehensive, uptight, tumultuous, anxious, beset, dissolute, up against something, neurotic, hard-pressed, paranoid, stuck, suffering, suspicious, luxuriant, in a bad way, worse off, atwitter, profuse, pressed, debauched, vexed, buffeted, harried, dissipated, hinky, embroiled, uneasy, insecure, nettled, afraid.

Usage examples: