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Definition of turn in:

Synonyms for turn in:

love, relinquish, lavish, move back, denunciation, retreat, issue, rescue, kip down, rest, bang out, draw back, recede, befool, give up, surrender, try, slang, put one over, overturn, abed, fink, cod, interpret, generate, assume, eff, lie with, have, strike out, keep up, don, sleep together, angle, know, return, deport, bring out, dupe, fork out, crawl in, turn over, fork over, yield, turn, furnish, hand, go to sleep, cede, sack out, confession, have it off, have sex, get laid, pitch, make love, give birth, manufacture, hit the sack, lay up, withdraw, adjourn, depict, take in, adjust, exposure, save, tilt, provide, submit, show, get in, contribute, be intimate, extradite, render, transfer, spin, deliver, sleep with, gull, hit the hay, fool, pull back, present, arise, sit up, denounce, fork up, get into, grind out, get it on, gain, help, wear, drive home, put out, reverse, screw, roll, get up, dog, bear, have a go at it, redeem, roll out, frame, supply, have it away, turn out, pull away, get into bed, bonk, put on, lie in, rush out, distribute, rise, roll in the hay, make out, finger, give, bang, jazz, cough up, hump, translate, turn something inside out, churn out, part with, frame-up, picture, go to bed, crash, mount, retire, birth, early bird, do it, have intercourse, apply, hand over, bed, tip up, produce, put one across, doss, lay down.