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Definition of twist:

  1. A strong individual tendency, or bent; a marked inclination; a bias; - often implying a peculiar or unusual tendency; as, a twist toward fanaticism.
  2. Act of imparting a turning or twisting motion, as to a pitched ball; also, the motion thus imparted; as, the twist of a billiard ball.


gizmo, true, thread, buy, crease, tangle, roll, plow, shepherd's crook, abuse, profane, go, grow, taster, central reservation, ascend, double over, round, thingummy, thingmabob, tour, incline, bending, chicane, braiding, piece, disable, misdirect, buy off, gismo, expression, clout, rotation, gimmick, a little, straining, curiosity, crane, structure, winding, subvert, cower, plough, gold braid, lift, outlaw, construction, malefactor, wrestle, routine, play, oddity, pull, release, flexure, air current, blackmail, connection, peculiarity, wring, pulling, belly dance, intertwine, pass, extend, farting, pervert, cloverleaf, entwine, falsify, dancing, cancan, crouch, change state, submit, move around, harm, fold, slue, veer, tic, balance, shape, weave, trick, carry, make up to, turning, load, quip, snake, tailspin, curl, arch, stoop, colour, wound, scent, fart, catch, about-face, arc, bend dexter, bias, misstate, lead, swerve, rick, maneuver, color, bicycle lane, burn, trace, good turn, spanner, criminal, wind instrument, slew, idle words, carpool lane, jazz, bruise, spin, doctor, act, corkscrew, doctor up, wrest, twist around, turn over, fraction, worm, call on, bribe, mental synthesis, change by reversal, steer, crotchet, bind, twisting, nose, breaking wind, repetition, whirl, keep in with, drag, crack, wresting, whatsis, mold, flatter, flatus, interlace, swing, bout, lace, hoist, wrap, become, malarkey, reverse, bend, fling, crick, twine, tweak, boogie, burrow, divide, diverge, yield, felon, crimp, confidential information, turn around, thingumajig, doojigger, current of air, grammatical construction, wind up, reshape, thingumabob, belie, turn away, injure, persuade, strain, convolute, turn of events, sample, camber, swirl, eccentricity, study at bend, malarky, nothingness, tress, end, puff, cultivate, bossa nova, sour, commotion, bit, plication, entangle, quiddity, bike lane, number, corkscrew, fragment, spiral, doohickey, work, branch off, trend, spiral, torture, cozy up, bifurcate, revolution, squirm, sophisticate, wringing, quirk, convolve, deviate, sprain, wriggle, cut, thingamajig, turn, disfigure, mannerism, enlace, whatchamacallit, wrench, misshape, wrick, whatchamacallum, wreathe, straight, widget, demoralise, convolution, device, spell, offer, open up, straighten, erraticism, break, bestride, tip, wander, overrefinement, tinge, thingamabob, individualism, eddy, distortion, wind, twirl, wrap around, singularity, circle, kink, plait, braid, change form, form, corner, gubbins, hint, misuse, ferment, sheer, doodad, distort, connect, influence, a bit, beautiful, change shape, writhe, building, pleat, vortex, wrenching, thingmajig.

Usage examples: