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Definition of twit:

  1. To vex or annoy by bringing to remembrance a fault, imperfection, or the like; to upbraid; to taunt.


have words, jeer, maniac, devil, ridicule, trounce, twirp, torment, berate, depend upon, bawl out, come up, ride, nark, laugh, befool, take to task, fool, scoff, devolve on, mobilize, dupe, beat up, put one over, lecture, reproof, rag, summon, irritate, bait, jest, slang, tantalize, nettle, mobilise, take in, twerp, rally, bedevil, turn on, rebuke, lambast, dun, loosen, muster up, card, laughter, tease, jaw, tease apart, rebound, scold, razz, depend on, fluff, dress down, taunting, sit, hinge upon, chide, mount, chafe, drum up, chew up, gull, lump, rile, airhead, crucify, cod, dope, get at, lambaste, hinge on, reprimand, gibe, bug, taunt, quiz, joker, call up, beleaguer, remonstrate, respect, bother, idiot, pester, scout, clown, drive, badger, put on, frustrate, chew out, deride, tantalise, gravel, put one across, vex, numpty, get to, muster, call on the carpet, call down, poke fun at, mock, annoy, dumb blond.

Usage examples: