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Definition of ugly:

  1. A shade for the face, projecting from the bonnet.
  2. Ill- natured; crossgrained; quarrelsome; as, an ugly temper; to feel ugly.
  3. Offensive to the sight; contrary to beauty; being of disagreeable or loathsome aspect; unsightly; repulsive; deformed.
  4. To make ugly.
  5. Unpleasant; disagreeable; likely to cause trouble or loss; as, an ugly rumor; an ugly customer.


foul, mess, like, handsome, unworthy, terrible, frightful, hideous, baleful, revolting, hard-featured, nasty, unspeakable, petulant, unseemly, unpicturesque, deplorable, wretched, violent, beautiful, turbulent, raging, sordid, horrid, querulous, attitude, wild, messy, piteous, nauseous, dreadful, tremendous, grievous, scrofulous, sickening, deformed, irritable, poor, menacing, abominable, nauseating, evil, filthy, appalling, tempestuous, forbidding, woeful, execrable, worthless, unwholesome, foul, misbegotten, disgusting, wicked, peevish, cross, ugliness, miserable, crabby, despicable, inaesthetic, fright, rugged, misfortunate, nice, pain, irascible, horrible, sorry, awful, painful, grouchy, roily, heavy, stormy, threatening, loathsome, unlovely, pathetic, ominous, waspish, unnatural, sinister, mean, grisly, pitiful, hapless, dirty, undeserving, disfigured, offensive, minacious, horrifying, dainty, uncomely, testy, dirty, slimy, rough, atrocious, vile, tumultuous, ill-favoured, monstrous, queasy, pitiable, repulsive, alarming, cantankerous, slimed, snappy, revolting, snappish, ill-natured, grumpy, minatory, misshapen, fretful, ill-tempered, crabbed, sight, unaesthetic, ill-favored, horrid, disgusting, noisome, cranky, bad-tempered, calm, flagitious, grotesque, fearful, nasty, monstrosity, unsightly, surly, suffering, roiled, beautiful.

Usage examples: