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Definition of uncertain:

  1. Irresolute; inconsonant; variable; untrustworthy; as, an uncertain person; an uncertain breeze.
  2. Not certain; not having certain knowledge; not assured in mind; distrustful.
  3. Not sure; liable to fall or err; fallible.
  4. Questionable; equivocal; indefinite; problematical.
  5. To make uncertain.


brief, continue, inconstant, provisional, short-lived, ill at ease, chatoyant, mootable, contested, obscure, unknown, contingent, personal, changeful, alterable, bewildered, indefinite, doubtful, temporary, inhibited, freakish, diffident, honest, hesitant, dubitable, change, ticklish, incertain, undetermined, timid, unpredictable, unsure of yourself, strange, hidden, unsure, fantastical, conjectural, mercurial, ambivalent, variable, unsafe, improbable, suppositional, unclear, various, theoretical, borderline, possible, sceptical, floating, perplexing, short-term, unsteady, skittish, flickery, problematic, up in the air, questioning, suspect, clear, enigmatic, certain, lost, groping, changeable, anonymous, temperamental, mutable, secret, nebulous, private, fluid, hinky, unsealed, unsettled, fluky, unreliable, trustless, transient, unstable, enigmatical, mistrustful, dubious, fantastic, indeterminate, open, inexplicit, flukey, fluctuating, indistinct, suspicious, shady, problematical, retiring, suppositious, whimsical, hypothetical, passing, chancy, ambiguous, shot, insecure, fleeting, iffy, undependable, cloudy, clouded, distrustful, exceptionable, iridescent, variant, inclined to think/believe/agree etc., unlikely, casual, fishy.

Usage examples: