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Definition of uncertainty:

  1. That which is uncertain; something unknown.
  2. The quality or state of being uncertain.


determination, ambiguity, indefiniteness, possibility, scruple, contingency, enigma, equivocalness, puzzlement, darkness, hesitation, cloudiness, intricacy, dubiety, certain, unclearness, vacancy, emergence, obscurity, distrust, maze, opinion, obscureness, doubt, incredulity, risk, indecision, unlikelihood, doubtfulness, clear, mystification, truth, theory, quandary, improbability, mistrust, conjecture, change, blank, wonder, dubiousness, hesitancy, perplexity, nebulousness, incoherence, belief, incertitude, chance, blind spot, suspicion, guesswork, ambiguousness, mutability, question, fact, uncertainness, sureness, difficulty, precariousness.

Usage examples: