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Definition of uncomfortable:

  1. Causing discomfort; disagreeable; unpleasant; as, an uncomfortable seat or situation.
  2. Feeling discomfort; uneasy; as, to be uncomfortable on account of one's position.


worn, distressed, wretched, hurt, upset, strained, distressing, discomfited, angry, uncomforting, afflictive, self-conscious, comfortless, thorny, weary, hard, difficult, harsh, suffering, bad, vexatious, tired, stiff, easy, grateful, warm, rested, painful, disquieting, uneasy, exhausted, wearisome, dolorous, ill at ease, irritating, constrained, tough, fatigued, pleasant, cramped, comfort, disturbed, quiet, awkward, embarrassed, embarrassing, pained, feelings, vexed, miserable, galling, nervous, uncomfy.

Usage examples: