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Definition of unfashionable:

  1. Not according to the prevailing mode; not regulating dress, & c., according to the reigning custom.


clothed, unpopular, inelegant, dashing, debonair, attired, clingy, in someone's bad/good books, old fashioned, antique, corseted, for someone's liking, A-line, tasteless, outmoded, passee, prehistoric, obsolete, misbegotten, dated, bespectacled, dowdy, best, mossy, not be someone's cup of tea, stodgy, clad, frumpish, casual, button-down, backless, frumpy, unwanted, unstylish, ticky-tacky, old-hat, brief, trashy, styleless, fogyish, boot-cut, moss-grown, stick-in-the-mud, passe, cross-dressing, dapper, out of fashion, button-through, baggy, antiquated, cheesy, unloved, out of favor, -clad, out, unrequited, demode.

Usage examples: