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Definition of unlucky:

  1. Bringing bad luck; ill- omened; inauspicious.
  2. Mischievous; as, an unlucky wag.
  3. Not lucky; not successful; unfortunate; ill- fated; unhappy; as, an unlucky man; an unlucky adventure; an unlucky throw of dice; an unlucky game.


dire, apocalyptic, luck, ill-fated, unhappy, grave, unsaved, fire-and-brimstone, happy, afflicted, disappointing, ill-omened, direful, ominous, fateful, hellfire, unredeemed, fated, apocalyptical, doomed, hexed, apocalyptical, sorry, ill-chosen, ominous, untimely, ill-starred, jinxed, luckless, star-crossed, portentous, unfortunate, unhappy, warn, damned, hapless, baneful, cursed.

Usage examples: