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Definition of unnatural:

  1. Not natural; contrary, or not conforming, to the order of nature; being without natural traits; as, unnatural crimes.


unorthodox, eccentric, quirky, freakish, plastic, divergent, outrageous, savage, marvelous, supernatural, cruel, deviant, put-on, eery, natural, singular, violent, cranky, preternatural, Herculean, sublime, idiosyncratic, uncanny, wonderful, agonistic, weird, elocutionary, preposterous, grotesque, stirred, kooky, screwball, strained, ordinary, aberrant, outlandish, atypic, plummy, monstrous, quaint, contrived, anomalous, atypical, miraculous, odd, curious, touched, artificial, pseudo, stilted, anomalistic, honest, unusual, spooky, malformed, incredible, inhuman, manufactured, rum, erratic, bizarre, forced, rummy, common, eerie, peculiar, agonistic, abnormal, ugly, affected, unco, moved, spurious, strange, irregular, factitious, phenomenal, good, constrained, mannered, queer, unaccountable, usual.

Usage examples: