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Definition of unsettle:

  1. To become unsettled or unfixed; to be disordered.
  2. To move or loosen from a settled position or state; to unfix; to displace; to disorder; to confuse.


dismay, confuse, mix up, flurry, frazzle, bother, wound, discompose, bother, misplace, rattle, toss, rock, disarrange, concern, derail, disarray, order, freak, hagride, health, disturb, mislay, jumble, ruffle, disorder, depress, disorganize, hang over, calm, devastate, crowd out, faze, upset, disquiet, disrupt, fuss, mess up, distemper, fluster, distress, agitate, unhinge, discomfort, worry, stab, ail, muddle, exercise, shake, undo, enervate, remove, derange, tumble, unnerve, weird out, perturb, displace, distract, alarm, turn.

Usage examples: