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Definition of unsteady:

  1. Not constant; irresolute; changeable.


unequal, frail, palpitant, undecided, tricky, whimsical, casual, spotty, ticklish, occasional, infirm, shuddering, erratic, aperiodic, be better/worse off, circumstantial, unfirm, spasmodic, failing, patchy, sick, catchy, fluctuating, tottery, capricious, jerky, unwell, tremulous, flimsy, unassured, suspect, aflicker, inconsistent, continue, top-heavy, infectious, effectively, unfit, shaking, unbalanced, giddy, fateful, change, temperamental, quavering, feckless, untrustworthy, rickety, wobbly, erratic, perilous, unreliable, palsied, skittish, doubtful, situated, treacherous, unique, irregular, variant, choppy, weak, same, tottering, shivering, unsure, unhealthy, intermittent, freakish, faltering, fantastic, lurching, episodic, leaning, ramshackle, stumbling, wobbling, uncertain, fragile, palpitating, discontinuous, insecure, spastic, ill, equivocal, jerking, convulsive, staggering, dubious, flickery, sporadic, fluttering, fantastical, uneven, ditzy, worse, face to face, shifty, shaky, quivering, risky, unfixed, capricious, trembling, weaving, arrhythmic, various, changing, unpredictable, hazardous, quaking, paradise, strong, effective, flickering.

Usage examples: