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Definition of upset:

  1. Set up; fixed; determined; - used chiefly or only in the phrase upset price.
  2. The act of upsetting, or the state of being upset; an overturn; as, the wagon had an upset.
  3. To become upset.
  4. To disturb the self- possession of; to disorder the nerves of; to make ill; as, the fright upset her.
  5. To overturn, overthrow, or overset; as, to upset a carriage; to upset an argument.
  6. To set up; to put upright.
  7. To shorten ( a tire) in the process of resetting, originally by cutting it and hammering on the ends.
  8. To thicken and shorten, as a heated piece of iron, by hammering on the end.
  9. To turn upwards the outer ends of ( stakes) so as to make a foundation for the side of a basket or the like; also, to form ( the side) in this manner.


override, disoblige, crash, conquer, infection, tump over, unsettled, cark, kill off, psychological disorder, bugaboo, squeeze out, flip, bogey, overbalance, upside-down, commotion, untune, maladjusted, unbalanced, wound, subvert, contagion, bring up, obstruct, horizontal, noise, incommode, mental disorder, in a bad way, disturbance, knock over, thrashing, distress, ail, regret, swage, bemused, concern, derangement, perturbation, pass on, knock something on the head, illogical, tip over, tilt, shut off, keel over, fed up, bloated, demented, humbled, apprehensive, humiliated, affray, reach, baffled, distressed, smash, deliberate, angry, demons, trouble oneself, rock, disruption, kerfuffle, avoid, cut into, befuddled, mad, unhappy, inconvenience, stir up, belligerent, smash into, dysphoric, sick, give, kill, hand, put off, wiped out, turnover, at sea, cancer, retrousse, tip-tilted, interfere with, run over, repeal, busted, revolutionise, winning streak, dismay, turned, topple, sorrow, mental disturbance, erect, overrule, unhinged, brainsick, flip over, squash, flutter, defeat, avert, revoke, hang over, canker, garbled, grief, bogie, move, remorse, disarray, bring down, unsettle, depression, barf, cross, consider, airsick, low, walkover, shake up, roll, flabbergast, bump, record, bilious, rescind, ailment, crazy, moot, displeased, mental unsoundness, employee turnover, turn, carsick, romp, shocked, turn over, turnover rate, unhinge, devastate, disrupt, unbalance, blanket, broken, vacate, distract, double, dollar volume, worried, disease, debate, disconnected, condition, interference, stab, hard-pressed, chuck up, disappointment, mess up, health, touch, strike, hit, stamp out, prohibit, bugbear, revolutionize, desolation, mixed-up, unkept, overcome, put out, discommode, crush, bewildered, suppress, worry, thrash, unconnected, ill, disjointed, countermand, discourage, to-do, depress, commove, disgorge, collide, inconvenience oneself, beat, disoriented, cloy, mazed, disorderliness, disconcert, rugged, discomfit, knock out, hoo-ha, stressed, hold back, pass, anxiety, outplay, hoo-hah, order, boggle, calm, overpower, come up, win, triumph, get in the way of something, dig, illness, misery, delve, raise up, unexpected, slam, annul, stop, epidemic, hurly burly, interrupt, sickness, disorganised, folie, unordered, amazed, crushed, bowl over, rattle, ram, prevent, lift, lost, sadness, impoverished, stand, pain, hard put, flurry, broken in, victory, fray, complaint.

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