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Definition of va:

Synonyms for va:

the DOD, CA, BATF, AK, the FAA, AZ, the CIA, EEOC, Ark., administration, AR, AL, Alas., ATF, Virginia, old dominion, Ariz., Old Dominion State, Ala., the Capitol, the Bureau, B.C., the DOE.

Usage examples:

  • I. J. Polsley, 8 Va.

    - "In and Out of Rebel Prisons", Lieut. A. [Alonzo] Cooper.
  • " Va l'en chercher donc," replied the old negro, with a wave of his speaking- trumpet.

    - "Newton Forster", Frederick Marryat.
  • On va r'devenir homme, c'est tres bien!

    - "The Happy Foreigner", Enid Bagnold.