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Definition of vaporous:

  1. Full of vapors or exhalations.
  2. Having the form or nature of vapor.
  3. Producing vapors; hence, windy; flatulent.
  4. Unreal; unsubstantial; vain; whimsical.


unmingled, ethereal, vaporizable, sheer, vapourous, crystalline, aery, thick, gauze-like, bluff, gaseous, vaporish, vaporific, volatilizable, aerial, absolute, misty, lucid, right-down, unsubstantial, aerial, imaginary, vapourish, downright, vapory, out-and-out, fleeting, gossamery, plain, vapourisable, volatilisable, cloudy, haze, vapourific, rank, see through, guileless, smoggy, vapory, thin, pellucid, crystal clear, filmy, transparent, bold, diaphanous, gossamer, miasmic, evaporable, mephitic, gauzy, cobwebby, unmixed, miasmal, limpid.

Usage examples: