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Definition of vivacious:

  1. Having vigorous powers of life; tenacious of life; long- lived.
  2. Living through the winter, or from year to year; perennial.
  3. Sprightly in temper or conduct; lively; merry; as, a vivacious poet.


live, spanking, alive, full of life, bubbly, high-spirited, crank, study at lively, frolicsome, pert, gamesome, perky, airy, vital, brisk, jazzy, kinetic, existent, sparky, breathing, quick, animate, buoyant, alert, frolic, living, bouncing, subsisting, action, spirited, racy, dashing, jaunty, frisky, bouncy, pizzazzy, existing, chipper, happy, springy, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, vibrant, gay.

Usage examples: