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Definition of wad:

  1. A little mass, tuft, or bundle, as of hay or tow.
  2. A soft mass, especially of some loose, fibrous substance, used for various purposes, as for stopping an aperture, padding a garment, etc.
  3. Alt. of Wadd
  4. Specifically: A little mass of some soft or flexible material, such as hay, straw, tow, paper, or old rope yarn, used for retaining a charge of powder in a gun, or for keeping the powder and shot close; also, to diminish or avoid the effects of windage. Also, by extension, a dusk of felt, pasteboard, etc., serving a similar purpose.
  5. To form into a mass, or wad, or into wadding; as, to wad tow or cotton.
  6. To insert or crowd a wad into; as, to wad a gun; also, to stuff or line with some soft substance, or wadding, like cotton; as, to wad a cloak.
  7. Woad.


nap, throng, mount, grass, plug, rush, can, jam, good deal, hand, heap, bundle up, bunch, down, plenty, spark plug, people, push-down stack, grind away, potentiometer, male plug, crush, troop, tamp down, plenitude, load, passel, occlude, drive, get up, pile, mess, ream, tummy, push-down storage, pack together, push-down list, fate, tamp, cluster, commode, obturate, destiny, potty, surge, muss, smoke, nag, pound sterling, gage, tidy sum, caboodle, ken, mint, compress, jillion, chunk, whole lot, coating, multitude, softwood, obstruct, clutch, atomic pile, drum, contract, survey, view, portion, mussiness, band, big money, cumulation, compact, flowerpot, sess, squeeze, stool, galvanic pile, pretty penny, voltaic pile, part, sparking plug, sight, tuft, hack, messiness, luck, swot, push-down store, atomic reactor, clump, bay window, set, backing, kitty, crapper, corporation, potful, crash, chewing, trillion, oodles, impede, dope, jampack, press, chock up, cram, pound, agglomerate, pot, quid pro quo, draw, mountain, carry, slew, hunch, vision, bone up, rich, stilt, mass, muckle, hoopla, jackpot, piling, fire hydrant, locoweed, visual modality, bulk, business deal, block, zillion, pickle, lump, gob, mess hall, great deal, roll up, rechewed food, bus, skunk, stopple, whole slew, take, plentifulness, muddle, ram, stop, force, trade, bundle, constrict, peck, sens, weed, mickle, load down, quite a little, fold, hunk, jalopy, smokestack, kettle of fish, manduction, mastication, quid, hatful, hoi polloi, visual sense, mint candy, upsurge, masses, mob, flock, bargain, close up, stopper, multiplicity, cumulus, pack, lot, batch, scad, practice bundling, potbelly, cud, spile, chain reactor, ram down, big bucks, jade, stack, freshet, chew, megabucks, raft, throne, plenteousness, mug up, deal, hole, circumstances, clod, fix, backpack, spate, volume, circle, fireplug, big, swot up, bunch up, ballyhoo, bone, mound, toilet, million, green goddess, gathering, chaw, upholstery, the great unwashed, hype, bushel, plentitude.

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