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Definition of welcome:

  1. Free to have or enjoy gratuitously; as, you are welcome to the use of my library.
  2. Kind reception of a guest or newcomer; as, we entered the house and found a ready welcome.
  3. Producing gladness; grateful; as, a welcome present; welcome news.
  4. Received with gladness; admitted willingly to the house, entertainment, or company; as, a welcome visitor.
  5. Salutation to a newcomer.
  6. To salute with kindness, as a newcomer; to receive and entertain hospitably and cheerfully; as, to welcome a visitor; to welcome a new idea.


pleasant, you're welcome, find, entree, get, salutation, take in, glad to, greeting, make yourself at home, receive, grateful, warm reception, wanted, welcomed, incur, nice, delicious, the glad hand, congenial, pleasing, pleasurable, invited, good, handshake, satisfying, you, free entrance, friendliness, experience, acceptable, favorable, have, refreshing, gratifying, agreeable, hospitality, invite, take, like, obtain, come right in, pick up, delightful.

Usage examples: