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Definition of wench:

  1. A colored woman; a negress.
  2. A low, vicious young woman; a drab; a strumpet.
  3. A young woman; a girl; a maiden.
  4. To frequent the company of wenches, or women of ill fame.


shuttle, skirt, gentlewoman, unmarried woman, hiss, hussy, broad, female, slattern, girl, chick, hoot, sex, dame, doll, madam, whore, boo, jade, birdie, shuttlecock, snort, bird, tramp, baggage, bimbo, maiden, virgin, woman, fowl, annulus, tart, ma'am, babe, lady, biddy, floozy, raspberry, slut, wanton, razz, damsel, razzing, dolly.

Usage examples: