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Definition of wet:

  1. A dram; a drink.
  2. Containing, or consisting of, water or other liquid; moist; soaked with a liquid; having water or other liquid upon the surface; as, wet land; a wet cloth; a wet table.
  3. Employing, or done by means of, water or some other liquid; as, the wet extraction of copper, in distinction from dry extraction in which dry heat or fusion is employed.
  4. of Wet
  5. Rainy weather; foggy or misty weather.
  6. Refreshed with liquor; drunk.
  7. To fill or moisten with water or other liquid; to sprinkle; to cause to have water or other fluid adherent to the surface; to dip or soak in a liquid; as, to wet a sponge; to wet the hands; to wet cloth.
  8. Very damp; rainy; as, wet weather; a wet season.
  9. Water or wetness; moisture or humidity in considerable degree.


schmaltzy, oiled, boozy, juiced, maudlin, wealthy, askew, stewed, gassed, affluent, gooey, lovey-dovey, nettled, stinking, mistaken, steadfast, effete, stoned, ludicrous, plastered, sop, directionless, marshy, sweating, weak-willed, rigorous, sugarcoated, tanked, pissed off, looped, besprent, sappy, wimpy, fuddled, lactating, puckish, arch, bedwetting, novelettish, saturated, in all weather(s), annoyed, cloying, the wet, drench, squiffy, ripped, unfaltering, rainy, fried, unbendable, wrong, sottish, fresh, tiddley, bursting, dank, rigid, sticky, miry, sprinkled, irritated, constipation, inebriated, gutless, soppy, mean, squiffed, potted, taut, dripping, soft, humid, stringent, muggy, gentle, compressed, misty, misled, dry, boggy, tiddly, doused, waterlogged, weakened, hose, steady, miffed, blotto, bedewed, potent, close, clammy, bathe, lame-duck, sugary, wiped out, pie-eyed, inaccurate, steamed, susceptible, soaking, impish, lit up, ladened, slopped, pouring, nasty, soupy, weak, sopping, dried, snowy, weakling, pickled, pixilated, logged, skew-whiff, invertebrate, hammered, flush, bedraggled, crocked, high, wonky, quaggy, water-soaked, roiled, wipe up, watery, in buckets, mushy, drunk, implike, constipated, tight, laughable, mucky, derisory, dewy, unsettled, tacky, limp-wristed, moist, wring, be easily led, stung, slicked, drunken, sloughy, sentimental, damp, milk-and-water, watered, spineless, laden, dampish, strong, steaming, moneyed, washed, sodden, alcoholic, riled, defecate, squirt, clear, egestion, weak-kneed, drenched, starchy, idiotic, unwavering, namby-pamby, characterless, driving snow/rain, lit, muddy, cloudy, soaked, moisture, soused, sozzled, wicked, reeking, ridiculous, spoony, soggy, mawkish, stiff, saturate, soak, evacuate, showery, dunked, pissed, sloshed, foggy, mischievous, wash, sloppy, perspiring, preposterous, wimpish, lopsided, unshakable, buckram, slushy, chocolate-box, nonsensical, torrential, inebriate, canned, blasted, blind drunk, snowbound, fruity, besotted, impaired, slippery, blitzed, firm, slimy, absurd, sunny, peeved, bombed, steamy, sweaty, smashed, undried, prankish, douse, mingy, potty, bowel movement, crap, nerveless, precipitating, blind, wasted, frail, intoxicated, hard, saccharine, cockeyed, tipsy, souse, swampy, drizzly, awry, drippy, loaded, sealed, miserly, open, stormy, wishy-washy.

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