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Definition of whacky:

Synonyms for whacky:

fool, mild, buffoonish, zesty, playful, alligatored, wrong, buggy, crackers, loco, buffoonish, lightheaded, batty, sappy, nutty, punch-drunk, loopy, haywire, humorous, goofy, foolish, amiss, clownish, awry, comical, bonkers, nuts, kookie, comic, empty-headed, funny, clownlike, light-headed, daft, barmy, yeasty, featherbrained, insane, cockamamy, nutlike, wild, hysterical, bats, crazy, unreasonable, fruity, soft, wacky, loony, chapped, slaphappy, cockamamie, giddy, roughened, hilarious, kooky, balmy, ridiculous, cracked, dizzy, airheaded, priceless, amusing, zany, round the bend, silly, dotty, zestful, pathetic, wry, gaga, around the bend.

Usage examples: