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Definition of wither:

  1. To cause to fade, and become dry.
  2. To cause to languish, perish, or pass away; to blight; as, a reputation withered by calumny.
  3. To cause to shrink, wrinkle, or decay, for want of animal moisture.
  4. To fade; to lose freshness; to become sapless; to become sapless; to dry or shrivel up.
  5. To lose or want animal moisture; to waste; to pin away, as animal bodies.
  6. To lose vigor or power; to languish; to pass away.


disfigure, climb, flinch, go away, bear, shame, choke, pass off, hurt, fade, vanish, fall away, mar, sag, harm, wince, flag, bloom, sear, dissolve, damage, health, droop, stain, embarrass, dry up, stop, recoil, waste, stupefy, dry up, evanesce, decease, die, shrivel up, funk, squinch, perish, lose freshness, mummify, dry out, disappear, go, humiliate, blossom, come out, wizen, depart, grow brown, reduce, finish, cringe, melt, benumb, paralyze, petrify, inhibit, bud, blow over, make someone's toes curl, stun, injure, shrivel, tease, mark, show up, fleet, pine, crush, fade away, come up, numb, expire, shrink, degrade, affect, quail, languish, cease, emaciate, fail, die back, spoil, lag, take its toll, pass.

Usage examples: