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Definition of Without:

  1. Not with; otherwise than with; in absence of, separation from, or destitution of; not with use or employment of; independently of; exclusively of; with omission; as, without labor; without damage.
  2. On or art the outside; not on the inside; not within; outwardly; externally.
  3. On or at the outside of; out of; not within; as, without doors.
  4. Out of the limits of; out of reach of; beyond.
  5. Outside of the house; out of doors.
  6. Unless; except; - introducing a clause.


outside of, sans, shortfall, outdoors, out, absence, minus, deficiency, deficit, exterior, the open air, lack, externally, beyond, loss, outwardly, outdoor, wanting, poverty, want, external, out of doors, outer, shortage, absent, bankruptcy, outside.

Usage examples: