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Definition of woman:

  1. A female attendant or servant.
  2. An adult female person; a grown- up female person, as distinguished from a man or a child; sometimes, any female person.
  3. The female part of the human race; womankind.
  4. To act the part of a woman in; - with indefinite it.
  5. To furnish with, or unite to, a woman.
  6. To make effeminate or womanish.


virgin, laundress, old lady, charr, nymph, companion, broad, lover, spinster, wife, slave, love, char, servant, muliebrity, cook, housewife, housekeeper, fair sex, cleaning woman, cleaning lady, adult female, womanhood, mistress, doll, bird, maid, charwoman.

Usage examples:

  • A woman, was it?"

    - "Green Fancy", George Barr McCutcheon.
  • Why don't you answer the woman?

    - "A Hero of Romance", Richard Marsh.
  • The other woman was not late!

    - "My Little Sister", Elizabeth Robins.