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Definition of woolly:

  1. Clothed with a fine, curly pubescence resembling wool.
  2. Clothed with wool.
  3. Consisting of wool; as, a woolly covering; a woolly fleece.
  4. Resembling wool; of the nature of wool.


rough, mazed, bemused, distressed, addled, fluffy, cottony, diaphanous, mixed-up, smooth, soft, creased, bristly, fibrous, at sea, foggy, cellular, befogged, unshorn, fleecy, confounded, crisp, hirsute, fleecy, bleary, lanate, befuddled, breathable, brushed, hazy, wooly-haired, silky, woolly-headed, muzzy, baffled, hairy, pilose, muddled, wool-bearing, kinky, wooly-minded, bewildered, woolen, furred, lost, blurred, blurry, wooly, flocculent, confused, colorfast, brushy, filmy, woolly-haired.

Usage examples: