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Definition of worn:

  1. p. p. of Wear.


half-hearted, listless, moth-eaten, aging, jaded, aged, aweary, careworn, hollow-eyed, emaciated, displayed, shabby, old, all in, tapped out, timid, vermiculate, shopsoiled, languid, attrited, pooped, beat, eroded, threadbare, impaired, mangey, skeletal, tired, antiquity, feeble, put on, creaky, venerable, new, worm-eaten, pinched, wasted, prostrate, scoured, worn-out, weatherworn, wearied, antediluvian, whole, ratty, antique, elder, age-old, ancient, indistinct, faded, knackered, raddled, faint-hearted, burned-out, ageing, wormy, ancestor, frayed, fresh, bleary, elderly, battered, tatty, seedy, used, purposeless, drained, torn, drawn, secondhand, mangy, cadaverous, well-worn, woebegone, tattered, weathered, gaunt, limp, played out, bony, done in, shopworn, logy, dead, haggard, dog-eared, tatterdemalion, bushed, dim, faltering, flea-bitten, senior, clapped out, antiquated, spent, weak, irresolute, scruffy, run-down, faint, waterworn, ill-defined, thumbed, weather-beaten, decrepit, geriatric, beaten, wan, done, ragged, wiped out, exhibited, washed-out, eared.

Usage examples: