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Definition of yes:

  1. Ay; yea; - a word which expresses affirmation or consent; - opposed to no.


I don't mind if I do, all right, alright, accept, ballot, casting vote, even so, acceptance, abstention, okay, definitely, yeah, adoption, right, absentee ballot, anyway, absentee vote, do with, amen, what's gotten into someone?, kindly, most assuredly, precisely, yea, what (has) happened to something, acquiescence, agreed, yep, very well, ballot box, in the affirmative, good enough, you bet, naturally, by all means, where has someone/something gotten to?, OK, OK, consent, willingly, how, Roger, aye, without fail, keep, block vote, just so, that's right, yo, affirmative, agreed, absolutely, gladly, affirm, indubitably, sure, right on, granted, assuredly, true, exactly, you're on, assent, fine, okey-dokey, undoubtedly, we copy, unquestionably, uh-huh, okeydoke, all right, good, nod, certainly, aye, agreement, of course, what has/will become of, Roger, great, just, absolute majority.

Usage examples:

  • Say yes or no.

    - "The Chevalier d'Auriac", S. (Sidney) Levett-Yeats.
  • " Oh, yes, but it must be the work of time.

    - "Minnie's Sacrifice", Frances Ellen Watkins Harper.
  • " Yes," he said, meaninglessly.

    - "Combat", Dallas McCord Reynolds.