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Definition of distracted:

  1. Mentally disordered; unsettled; mad.
  2. of Distract


muzzy, mixed-up, agitated, demented, sick, silly, dazed, crazy, muddleheaded, mad, spaced, abstracted, bushed, distrait, addle, delirious, zonked, addlepated, punch-drunk, inattentive, confused, brainsick, can't think straight, shell-shocked, befogged, disoriented, unbalanced, stunned, stupefied, fogged, raddled, pixilated, distraught, perplexed, addled, beside yourself, insane, foggy, spaced-out, slaphappy, troubled, bedeviled, spacey, dopey, hysterical, bemused, bewildered, frenzied, at a loss (to do something), unhinged, zonked-out, confounded, disturbed, punchy.

Usage examples: